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Facebook notes Disability Innovation and radical funding / employment solutions ( & community interest companies)

An idea in the making is a Charity company. The ideal business structure for this will be a Community Interest Company, which is a half business and half a charity. This would assist many social projects. (see also http://www.cicassociation.org.uk/)

Further to this, Green Sustainable targets for 20/20 20/30 and 20/50 (etc) and green sustainable energy finance (with heritage and disability a further challenge to retro-fitting and new house builds, residential and commercial) the new energy demands of the World mean designs and finance will have to introduce new solutions to these problems and challenges.

All of the 18 Building regulations as they are known in Britain or Technical Guidance Documents in Ireland (which are separate from Statutory legislation but are increasingly amended by EU Legislation) individual booklets can be viewed. Part M concerns Disabled Access, they are in the process of being updated again. They are only minimum standards not to be adhered to but bettered.

DACIC is also interested in alternative finance solutions (no matter how technical or involved or unlikely) in providing finance for the vulnerable which includes Disabled people.
Hence it is applying to become a charity / business.

Of course taxation against financial transactions such as the carbon tax and Tobin tax already exist (and a proposal for central bank funding to Charities is therefore theoretically possible, and there is a story to tell concerning this unusual and unlikely possibility) and as Charities have been rocked by financial scandals & fraud amidst also a worldwide recession, thinking outside of the box in order to raise money for good causes may cause you to think not only about drastic alternative possibilities but also about the wider purpose of ‘money’ (the philosophy of money) but also the social purpose of funding. Scandals and upsetting revelations are reaching epidemic proportions in many cases. This last point has been analysed by the ‘Wheel’ a Umbrella organisation overseeing charities. See their report here ‘A portrait of Ireland’s non-profit sector’which is very professional and timely. This website raises other questions.

This is a not for profit charity.
Combining design knowledge & as much money as we can raise.We need experts in Finance Banking International law Children s education & course Disabled Access issues. We need people who can think outside the box & who can create. http://www.oisintrust.org/

Disability, Access & Children, International Consultancy

The consultancy will seek to raise finance in 3 ways.

1) Through direct donations, small, medium and large though the oisinturst.Currently it has two trustees and people can apply to become a trustee or can be invited as indeed can Patrons.

2) By equal shares in a new co-operative, (Eireannach Co-operative Society ltd, (www.oisintrust.org see Bridgits cross picture below) which although now has one thousand members will grow too many thousands and hopefully one million.

3) By consulting with financial institutions worldwide either by direct appeal or by proposal to develop projects or financial donation or funding.

the latter asks the moral question why do charities exist at all, and this is inquiry not directed at charities but at our governments and financial institutions.

Children and the disabled are often left out of design considerations. Sacred Geometry and ‘FengShui’ are terms employed to describe the harmonising of space with the immediate environment, and the West used to employ similar methods first before financial considerations and then build. Ironically this becomes more financially viable in the long term. Considering children first can lead to uncomfortable questions which are not always popular, as such different aspects of planning are represented in the Oisintrust (see website) As such DACIC supports international issues, and an inspiration is the Dalai Lama who in exile has developed schools and orphanages in Tibet, Nepal & India under extreme duress. His financial trust also accepts students and teaches on the debate between science and religion. (A noble pursuit which states)

“The Trust also seeks to support initiatives that encourage a sense of universal responsibility in the global community, and the advancement of dialogue between science and religion” http://www.dalailamatrust.org/

The Trust Seeks to develop new ideas in architectural design and finance for a variety of building surveying projects including projects which needed to be compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, itself encapsulated by Part M of the building regulations.

Raising finance, obtaining funds is a project in itself.

28.07.2015 An ideal situation in Ireland for disabled and associated services would be five centres of excellence (two in the capital) which would provide facilities and equipment and innovation in medical equipment and design with referrals from GP and Hospitals. Centrally located to each province and with funding from different sources, independent yet still within the funding mechanism of government. In this situation Disabled people who are experts in their situation and/or field could work within the centres, add to research (R&D) and advise and liaise with architects and building firms and experts. In this way some of the financial burden is lifted from Government (with a introductory trial period and assessment) but the initial funding would be increased overall within and around the new business model. A new application will be made to the correct authorities further to the existing soon to see if the idea can be advanced further.
DACIC or Disability Access Children International Consultancy, is primarily a Building Surveyors business.Energy and Sustainability are driving design. It began as a consultancy interested and specializing in Heritage and Conservation and it still performs this business. Due to the conflict with Heritage Conservation and Disability and Access (Universal Access for all those with minor and serious impairments and disabilities) the business moved to find solutions in design to these challenges. Heritage and Disability are of course also two separate skills and areas of work. (see also http://eireannach1.oisintrust.org/ ) It also submitted  an application was made to the Revenue Commissioners under ref APP19891 for a Trust Company with Charitable Tax Exemption in 2012/2013.Most building projects are compliant with the Building Regulations (or are supposed to be) but these regulations are only the minimum standard to be observed in developing and building a project. In Disability issues Part M of the building regulations, is the standard to be observed, yet it is also the minimum standard projects work within, as the supposed standard to reach, it is , causing standards to stagnate, albeit many projects fail this standard.

Other standards which help achieve legislation ( Disability Discrimination Act 1995) in Ireland, include for example the Equality Status act 2000 in Ireland, and best practice from the Disability rights commission now the Equality and Human Rights. The DDA 1995 although adopted by the Irish Parliament, has only been adopted in part which can lead to anomalies such as redesigning front entrances and even lobbies and halls but leaving, circulation around a building incomplete. This means that many business and domestic dwellings will pay for a design and build twice once the legislation is fully enforced.

Further new dwellings at design stage may also not fully comply with the European directives and DDA 1995 (+ newly attached directives) and also Disabled designers may not become the choice designer or architect for new projects, as such there is much which needs to be done and rethought. Architects and Surveyors with Disabilities should be employed in design work increasingly, as no matter how much any “able-bodied” designerDACIC or Disability Access Children International Consultancy, is primarily a Building Surveyors business.Energy and Sustainability are driving design. It began as a consultancy interested and specializing in Heritage and Conservation and it still performs this Business. Due to the conflict with Heritage Conservation and Disability Access (Universal Access for all those with minor and serious impairments and disabilities) the business moved to find solutions in design to these challenges. Heritage and Disability are of course also two separate skills and areas of work. (see also http://eireannach1.oisintrust.org/ for work in Co-operatives as one option/instrument and see the facebook page within my friends list)

Ireland’s Disabled services have been reduced and cutback. These are announced in the media almost on a daily basis. It is the first service in the firing line, and this is also true internationally. Designers imagine, completes and instigates a design, they cannot imagine every need or problem arising. “Disabled” designers of course live it everyday, and are themselves better suited to being trained to design to a high standard.

Children also suffer disabilities and although this consultancy seeks to help all those who are Disabled, its primary focus is for Children’s issues.

There is no shortage of people wanting to help and change matters, yet with all the best will in the world and best laid plans, without funds or finance children will continue to suffer physically and mentally and also financially.

Although we are a consultancy, we are also a charity, and the charity is named the Oisintrust, at www.oisintrust.org, as such I cannot work for financial gain within this consultancy, although for other projects I can. This will be my financial contribution.

Many people will only be able to donate one or two euro whilst others may supply millions, yet even the least well off can participate by joining the Co-operative, and its page can supply you with further details of this plan and its mutual benefits.

Combining design knowledge and as much money as we can raise. We need experts in Finance, Banking, International law, Children’s education and of course Disabled Access issues.

Mostly we need people who can think outside the box and who can create, and people who like to have fun, and in every area of children’s matters.

Children Worldwide need enforceable human rights. Parents are the first choice in those rights. Homeless, orphaned, abused, war damaged (both physically and mentally) and trafficked. Children are innocent; adults are responsible, whilst the world continues everyday to lie to itself around these matters.

In www.oisintrust.org and through this consultancy we will also seek to build new homes as villages, both here in Ireland and abroad. Combining, beauty, art, fun and practical design, we hope to produce spaces that children love to live within.

Money is not scarce.



 Children Worldwide need enforceable human rights. (see also http://www.sonas.lsaweb.net/ &  Chapter 4 ) 
The ideas in this chapter 4 are now employed in part in other areas of commerce, but not as yet formally for the slaves or the trafficked. A principle established in world War 2 by Oscar Schindler subsequently made into a film (Schindler's list) could be the most effective method of ending slavery ?
The letters at the beginning of this chapter (http://www.sonas.lsaweb.net/ &  Chapter 4 ) have been emailed back to President Obama, the charities and the Dalai Lama (26.10.2105)
" The Mind and Life Dialogues began in 1987 as a joint quest between scientists, philosophers, and contemplatives to investigate the mind, develop a more complete understanding of the nature of reality, and promote well-being on the planet "  
The plight of the Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) fleeing persecution from the Maoist Chinese (despite western forces buffering Tibet against Chairman Mao at Amdo 1956 - 1959) resonates with the situation in the Middle East today. Tibet is an autonomous region, on most maps it appears as Tibet and on others it does not exist, like the proverbial Shang ri la, it exists but it disappears again depending on the map maker. A benefactor to the Tibetan people is Adam Engle the American Entrepreneur who began life as a Lawyer eventually forming a Global Investment management company (the management of securities and real estate)  amongst other ventures (the petro-dollar system circa 1973 also boosted the need for asset management and complex financial instruments analysis) and he is the co-founder of the Social Venture Network IN 1987. In 1974 he began working with the Tibetan community and later founded the 'Mind and life dialogues' in 1987 and later the Mind and Life Institute  with the Dalai Lama in 1990. The dialogue's highlighted concerns and discussed philosophical issues and problems in society and  the Dalai Lama's book "The Universe in a Single Atom' is a part of that discussion. Obviously this is deep subject and is lot to discuss and dialogue, but it reflects the Buddhists teachings on the inner and outer reality, the great and the small soul or  the macrocosm and microcosm, in which the small soul can effect the whole or large soul of God and people.(being one and the same) It is at odds therefore with Marxism and perhaps some real estate philosophies. Shang ri la could be worth Billions in real estate values but if it disappears then what value can be placed upon it. 
A safe zone was established in Dharamshala in India for 80,000 Tibetans who wish to return. It took money and real estate to make it happen. A safe zone could also be established in the Middle East nearby or with the help of surrounding countries.
All of the information here provides for a good Mind Life dialogue. The subjects (of which the above is just a sample) form a part of the discovery of history, religion and science and ideas. However the dialogue's below are a lot less theoretical or philosophical and it is a scientific pursuit which requires logic and action. It is a part of a solution of the biggest criminal scandal on the planet, as such it is not an academic or philosophical pursuit.  (Buddhism and the cognitive sciences discussion)
This Chapter and this page Sonas contains information on finance and banking, everything from open market operations to new banking phone apps which assist refugees and children (if they have phones) and it contains finance instruments and projects which have already proven themselves as successful financial vehicles and methods. It also moots the idea of a Children's bank (for want of a better term or name). This name is specifically chosen as it is simply a holding fund for victims which can be added too from the central banking system, or by existing charities or from individual donations or by philanthropic institutions and concerns. There is currently no permanent fund, which experts and professionals can work with. This would take deeper government commitment and a large pool or fund is the missing ingredient to stopping the crimes. People who are averse to new ideas would say it is impossible or naive or unrealistic, yet the Dalai Lama in his trials and endeavors and also his colleagues (Mind Life and the Social Venture network) have actually achieved real financial solutions combined with real estate solutions in this very area of possibilities. Many other activists have also tackled these problems and are continuing to do so. One objection to its aims is that it may cause inflation.... in the monetary system (from a interested Lecturer in banking) They did not think its system of operation was impossible, just that it may cause inflation. If you want to understand inflation or deflation (which can be dull) then your on the right page.
Some theoretical dialogues do not follow the actual facts of history. A current fact is the situation with human slavery and the trafficking of woman and children. These slaves are living life lower (with respect to Zen Buddhists) than any zen Buddhist in terms of material possessions, they are not even in the caste system and are lower than the lowest caste, they are a minus (from 0 caste -1 to - 100). They are exploited as Marxists would see it, but there labour is 100% exploited and there surplus labour at the point of exchange is minus from zero, below a wage level or rate. There is no scientific or theoretical abstract analysis required in truth. 
Allowing for a pool of money which exceeds the total profit of traffickers (which would need to be held or banked) would make buying back the slaves instant and an achievable aim. This has happened in some cases when families go after their loved ones with a ransom and governments have engaged in such ideas but there is no permanent fund, which  experts and professionals can work with. For those who worry about inflation (38 billion is the current profit in the industry and inflation on an extra 40 billion or less is negligible) the resultant care facilities and hospitals and schools are real estate and the economic asset theory is that inflation will increase property prices over time (even through several boom and busts) Even without inflation property prices increase (as has been proven in the last 3 years 2012 - 2015) This asset value increase will provide funds to re-imbursh the central baking system over time. It is likely that many banks may write off certain repayments in the circumstances easing the pressure on funds. It would require a business model (small or large) and whilst it may not always guarantee freedom for all trafficked it reduces the percentages.
It is repugnant to buy anyone but it is worse if it continues, and Schindler's list proved that point. It affects every nationality Globally and $38 Billion is a drop in the ocean. $150 billion was just given to Iran who deal extensively in Human Trafficking and Child and Woman.  slavery.But will it be spent on reducing trafficking and poverty or armaments
Numerous Groups, and activists and charities have endeavoured in this or similar projects.  (i.e Buy back rescues Steve Maman ) yet they are successful (John Eibner ) Attempts across many Governments and agencies to bring it to a Global professional level are ongoing. Aspects of the debate are outlined below.
Many countries have banned or outlawed the purchase of sex for money, but children are not 'sex workers' or forced labour slaves and moral decisions will always exist in the first and second of the oldest trades in the world. Children do not fall into that dialogue. Sex workers can be provided for, and can be taken from drugs and squalor. For the conservatives the Biblical book of Philemon relates solution's also.
(Discussions have raised some problems) Consider the financial cost of policing the trafficking and slave industry globally, (not just in Africa but Russia, Europe, USA, South America, India and the Gulf States) purchasing the trafficked would make savings instantly and streamline the objective which is to end trafficking and free the slaves. Whether it is an individual bought back or a family with funds or entire complexes of hundreds of trafficked people (children and woman) then this added measure onto existing systems could provide major breakthroughs. Any trafficker who has his funds seized would exchange prisoners for a ransom. Arguments against the idea also include the supply and demand argument in which suggests that slave prices will rise as purchases increase, this is unproven and the cost is a secondary argument, whilst increasing slavery victims is the actual problem to be solved.
Problems of people setting up scams (false trafficking scenarios) and/or who are seeking a false ransom are easily identified in the system of intelligence currently compiled. The United Nations thinks it will fuel the slave trade but with military threats the real from the false is easily distinguishable. Over time knowledge would increase globally into new intelligence. If protracted investigations cannot identify all aspects of an operation, then the threat of a armed police or semi-military strike with an offer to buy back the trafficked would focus the traffickers minds. Surely this is a lesser evil of two evils and the UN must see that ? Faced with getting out of the trade many make take the money and run. Buying could be accompanied by tracking, amnesty for identity purposes. There is no guarantee they will not re-enter the trade in the future but that lack of a guarantee exists now anyway. The current levels of children as slaves, sex slaves and trafficked is known and a budget could be set for those numbers. Will the numbers rise again in the future ? and how long in the future ? Recovering laundered slave money also adds to funds which can be used to buy back slaves. Freeing the trafficked is the  point, and every financial system listed in this amateur chapter and page has worked (separately from each other) in business practice previously. It is a business proposition in essence. Inflation set against Child slavery which one wins ? For this reason the proposed business / charity model which exists in many countries is a ideal suitable SPV for some of the problems.
Since posting this initiative   (20/10/2015) which has grown from other ideas listed in this website, the reaction has been extraordinary and positive. A previous example of children bought back from slavery 2013 and Mary Carey.  
An earlier example from 1820 – 1850 which involved  Moses Haim Montefiore (and N M Rothschild) involved a up front and pooled money fund “ He joined forces with middle-class religious dissenters and evangelicals (Idealistic Christians) to help end the slave trade, underwriting along with Rothschild a £15m loan to finance abolition in the West Indies. ” This would be worth 20 times 15 million now. 
Encompassing every continent would be difficult for one organisation, but which could be duplicated in any case on every continent by this or other similar projects. This project would limit itself to Europe (Northern and Scandinavia) Eastern Europe and Tibet and Nepal. Proportionally (from $38 billion) $8 billion would be required. 
Banks will be reimbursed through methods described in this and associated websites. An initial pool of money (in Billions) would be a proportion of what is required. It is in effect front loaded. Eliminating risk makes any idea possible.Paying back funds would be bolstered by real estate management, recovered laundered funds and appeals to charities (as a last resort) or other means, and the public may enjoy contributing to such a endeavour (A live aid type rock concert  perhaps) but the proposal should work even without this, and many banks would be happy to associated with such a urgent and feasible project in which similar precedents exist. 
It is a horrific problem but it can be solved. 
This industry is increasing in scope everyday and a asset which cannot be valued (only holistically) are rescued children leading full lives and if innovative ideas are not all seriously considered (combined) then it is society which is also already enslaved. 


Please contact us (above) if you would like to participate or assist financially.


See also http://www.sonas.lsaweb.net/  & the Dalai Lama meets the American Enterprise Institute

(You tube;  Happiness, free enterprise, and human flourishing: A special online event featuring His Holiness the Dalai Lama)

DACIC began as a consultancy with ambitions to form a new kind of trust. It began just before the recession (one of the worlds largest financial collapses) The hard times have prohibited many ideas and plans. This includes plans the Oisintrust envisaged also Conditions were and are not favourable to development, although this is changing slowly. To explain Ireland since its inception in 1922 (or before) has suffered from restrictions from within and from without. A detailed history of this is presented in the book by Elaine A Byrnehttp://www.independent.ie/entertainment/books/review-politics-political-corruption-in-ireland-19222010-a-crooked-harp-by-dr-elaine-byrne-26845705.html orhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Political-Corruption-Ireland-1922-Crooked/dp/0719086876 Ireland is not the only country with such problems.

The fact of the worldwide recession resulted in many new ideas on alternative money systems (lets systems, credit unions, micro-credit systems and pooled trusts) For example Bitcoin is a trust and alternative banking system which began very small but is now a worldwide system and is also accepted by Paypal. http://www.bitcointrust.co/ &http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-08/ebay-s-paypal-unit-to-start-accepting-bitcoin-payments.html In many countries these ambitions are actively encouraged and are made easily accessible to interested individuals or groups. Some have considered forming a ‘working class’ trust to fund works from inception and also provide facilities management funding (perhaps into perpetuity) to cover maintenance and associated costs over a projects lifetime.
Due to the lack of available credit, many groups in Ireland mooted an idea to create a brand new bank. The idea was mooted yet did not transpire. The Oisin Trust was set up in Ireland to encourage new financial systems, let systems and co-operatives which may combine into a new bank. Real estate purchase was also considered. A trust within the bank could then begin to fund projects nationally.
Whilst this idea did not come to fruition as quickly as was hoped, a new bank is now being formed in Ireland.http://www.finance.gov.ie/ga/news-centre/press-releases/government-announces-strategic-banking-corporation-ireland and https://www.labour.ie/download/pdf/strategicinvestmentbank.pdf modelled on the German infrastructure KFW bank to establish green development (see eireannach co-operative and other suggestions) and the ability for business and householders to produce and sell energy into the grid.http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analysis/what-will-the-state-investment-fund-do-with-all-its-billions-30282102.html Whilst energy savings projected in the future can also pay for long term project management and services management, a trust fund can also assist dramatically in this area. Oil imports and energy imports reduced increases Governments funds to also pay for new builds (to high eco standards) and aim for 100% employment nationally.

Charities in Ireland were/are also suffering scandals and corruption or are running out of money or were made impossible to start up or begin due to administrative difficulties or blockages. Public services also suffered and the report by ‘The Wheel’ highlighted problems in public services vital to children and the disabled. http://www.wheel.ie/content/portrait-ireland-nonprofit-sector

Charities can also make a separate trust and any group of ordinary people can make a trust or charity or co-operative / credit union. In effect in Ireland corruption which was forced upon it from outside, made many financial decisions in Ireland impossible. A flourishing economy can be upset or impaired easily when full control of the economy is not within peoples (who are the government) grasp. These difficulties are inevitable under these restrictions which can take generations to realise and deal with. The result for the fist 70 years of the Republics existence was a stop start economy, which was loosed in the mid nineties accumulating in development which led to huge domestic debt and excess housing (which can now be demolished or retrofitted). These builds also suffered severe building failures and/or poorly planned limited services. The result is described as follows 1)http://www.thejournal.ie/ghost-estates-ireland-694250-Nov2012/2) 2) http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/40-ghost-estates-set-for-demolition-29763282.html or 3)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_estate


Independence followed next by economic independence and stability are two different aims. The loss of Irish economic sovereignty in 2010 was due to thoughtless unstable planning. The Dalai Lama visited Ireland in 2011 as a successful developer and planner and gave the following advice.http://www.rte.ie/news/2011/0413/299802-dalailama/ Ireland’s problems however compared to Tibet or Nepal’s are a lot more manageable.


In Ireland a new charter of Children’s Human rights is imminent as is a referendum to decide upon it. Internationally legislation is also changing.(parents however should have rights over those of the state)

Office of the minister for children and Youth Affairs. (link below)


United Nations Convention on the rights of the Child, (link below)


28.07.2015 An ideal situation in Ireland would be five centres of excellence (two in the capital) which would provide facilities and equipment and innovation in medical equipment and design with referrals from GP and Hospitals. Centrally located to each province and with funding from different sources, independent yet still within the funding mechanism of government. In this situation Disabled people who are experts in their situation and/or field could work within the centres, add to research (R&D) and advise and liaise with architects and building firms and experts. In this way some of the financial burden is lifted from Government (with a introductory trial period and assessment) but the initial funding would be increased overall within and around the new business model. A new application will be made to the correct authorities further to the exisiting soon to see if the idea can be advanced further.
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